Intelligent Ventilation Control System

The main purpose of the ventilation system is to continuously deliver fresh air to underground, dilute and discharge toxic and harmful gases and dust, adjust the microclimate in the mine, create a good working environment, ensure the safety and health of miners, and improve labor productivity. Establish an intelligent underground ventilation control system, realize underground fans to be monitored and managed by the ground control center, collect wind speed and pressure data in real time, intelligently adjust the air volume, ensure to transmit underground fresh air and discharging harmful gases, to create a good working environment, and ensure personnel safety and health.

Products Details

Gas monitoring sensors: Install harmful gas collection sensors and collection stations in return airway, fan outlet and working face to monitor gas environment information in real time.

Wind speed and wind pressure monitoring: Set wind speed and wind pressure sensors at the fan outlet and roadway to monitor ventilation data in real time. The fan station is equipped with a PLC control system to collect ambient gas, wind speed, and wind pressure data, and combine with the control model to provide suitable ventilation volume data to automatically adjust the air volume.

The current, voltage and bearing temperature of the fan motor: the usage of the motor can be grasped by detecting the current, voltage and bearing temperature of the fan. There are two ways to realize the remote centralized control and local control of the fan in the station. The fan is equipped with start-stop control, forward and reverse control, and sends signals such as wind pressure, wind speed, current, voltage, power, bearing temperature, motor running status and faults of the fan motor to the computer system to feed back to the main control room.

(1) Adjust the underground climate and create a good working environment; (2) Remote monitoring fan station, equipment chain protection, alarm display; (3) Timely collecting harmful gas data, and alarming for abnormal situations; (4) Automatic control of air volume adjustment, ventilation on demand.Unattended underground ventilation system Remote control equipment operation; Real-time monitoring equipment status; Online monitoring equipment, sensor failure; Automatic alarm, data query; Intelligent operation of ventilation equipment; Adjust the fan speed according to the demand to meet the demand for air volume.

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